Jean-Guy Prost


I'm Jean-Guy Prost, French e-Commerce specialist.

I'm currently managing a team of project managers and consultants in an efficient and human-sized web agency: Lemon Interactive. We design and create e-Commerce websites. I'm looking for an opportunity ! Proud member of Pôle Safari™. I've been working in the digital field for 5 years but Internet has been my playground since my first web browsing in the 90's.

e-Commerce & Digital Marketing

I like to design performing & creative marketing strategies driven by ROI. It's interesting to build and scale complex marketing campaigns all over the different channels of traffic acquisition such as search, affiliate, display, or email marketing.

Project & Team Management

As an Account Director I manage a team of Account Exec and I'm in charge of Production Planning. I've helped several clients developing their digital strategies.


If there’s one thing I know for sure, it is that everything can be tracked and tested on internet. I strongly believe that data analysis helps a lot in decision making and each optimization (UI/UX - product - offer) has to be based on data analysis.

Design - UI/UX

I like to design beautiful and functionnal interfaces from wireframes to mockups. I've been working on responsive design, adaptive layouts within marketing issues.

HTML / PHP / JS ...

I'm no IT engineer but I sure know my way out of coding issues: this is helping a lot in daily project management. I understand the ins and outs of technical website development.


I graduated with a master's degree in Marketing and sciences of Management from a French Business School based in Marseille: Kedge (former Euromed).